Reach 50,000 monthly Kiwi 

shoppers on our marketplace

with our Tradevine Integration

Joining New Zealand's fastest growing marketplace has never been easier.

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Businesses already Integrated via Trade Vine

Link to a online store on AllGoods
Screenhug store on AllGoods
Glowish store on AllGoods marketplace
MD outdoor store on AllGoods
Paracord on AllGoods
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One-click integration

Our Tradevine app will sync your inventory from your store and keep the stock levels and pricing in sync. 

Plan for every business.

We have plans for businesses of all stages. Select the plan and pricing that suits yours.

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Increase conversions through instant chat

AllGoods store plans come with an integrated chat system which allows you to sell more, answering questions and alleviate concerns to help visitors place an order. Use it to collect actionable feedback to improve your store: identify problems, collect contact info and understand your customers better.

Ship and fulfill your order in one, easy place

It really is easy to manage your AllGoods orders with everything you could need. Whether it be sending shipping details, or providing refunds - it's all there for you.

Utilize the mobile market with the AllGoods app

Boost mobile sales and conversions with the AllGoods mobile app. Deliver a remarkable shopping experience to your customers whether they are on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

"The instant messaging feature for both you and your customers is brilliant"

-Gypsy Elixir


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive payment on AllGoods?

Payments are processed with AllGoods Payments powered by Stripe. Your customers are able to pay by credit or debit card. Once their payment has cleared you will be able to withdraw this money into your bank account at any time. (Stripe currently has a 4 day rolling period for clearing in NZ. Have a look at Stripe's website for more details.) There is a credit/debit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction.

Can I dropship from overseas on AllGoods?

No, you cannot. AllGoods only accepts sellers who are shipping their goods from within NZ. This helps give Kiwi sellers are fairer marketplace and ensures faster shipping times for customers.

What is AllGoods?

We are a marketplace where Kiwi’s can buy and sell online. New Zealanders finally have a fair and user-friendly online marketplace which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Do I need any technical or programming skills?

Nope! Getting our inventory set up or customising your store is simple and designed for the everyday person. Products can be featured on your storefront using our drag and drop interface, which is super-easy to use!

What if I need a tailored solution?

Talk to us. We can create a custom package tailored to your needs.

Can you set up AllGoods for me?

Pretty much! If you need any help at all, we have a dedicated team to help you get set up - from designing logos and cover images to helping you integrate your inventory on to our marketplace.

Any more questions?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please talk to us. Our team are happy to have a chat about your business needs and answer any questions. 🙂